I’m a graduate from The School of Informatics and Computing at IUPUI, with a Bachelor of Science in Media Arts and Science with a focus on game design. Video games is one of my biggest passions. I love playing games, working on games, and even having discussions about games on my podcast, Out of Continues.


In 2012, I joined the 3D Game Developer’s Group at IUPUI, a student group that focuses on game development. Due to my involvement with the school and my passion towards video games and development, I was asked to become an officer when the group re-branded as Game Developer’s Group @ IUPUI in Fall of 2013. I helped to restructure the group so that we’re focused on building small project games with smaller teams, similar to a game jam format. The founder of the group, Stacia Lowery, had to leave the group and asked me to take her place as president, starting in spring 2014. As president of the group, I have applied for our group to become an academic chapter of the IGDA, and the group has been successfully accepted. I resigned as president of the group in May 2014 after I graduated.

As an International Game Developer’s Association (IGDA) member, I have volunteered work at the IGDA booth during GDC 2014. I worked as both a booth greeter and as a game assistant. As booth greeter, I greeting people who came to the IGDA booth and answered any questions they have about the IGDA. As a game assistant, I helped demonstrate a card game that was being showcased by the IGDA. It was a game made by another IGDA member, and had a Kickstarter campaign up.

In 2011, I volunteered as a youth group co-leader for the Zainabia Community Center. which is a community of over 500 members. After a year, I was asked to become a Sunday school teacher for the teenagers. I made many of changes and improvements to the curriculum, including gamification of the lessons. Students had more fun with my class and I constantly adjusted the class to keep their attention. In November of 2013, I was voted on as a board member for the community. I was even nominated to take the vacant slot as president, but I had to decline due to my tight schedule, especially with my final semester beginning within a month of being nominated. I became Secretary of the community instead.


In June of 2013, I was one of four students, nation-wide, who were selected by the IGDA for the IGDA Scholarship. Scholars were granted an all-access pass to both Casual Connect and IGDA Summit 2013, a mentorship from members of the industry, opportunities to visit local game development studios in San Francisco, and meetings with senior figures in the industry. Scholarships are awarded to who they feel are the best and brightest students in game development disciplines.



Out of Continues Podcast (Sep 2011 – Present)

I founded, host, record, edit, and publish a weekly podcast on video games and related topics since September 2011. New episodes are posted up every Monday. I have a different guest host record with me every week. We talk about various gaming related topics, from what we’ve been playing, to gaming news, to game design concepts. The podcast has expanded over the years. I now regularly do video podcasts, irregular gameplay videos, gameplay streams, as well as a spin-off podcast, the Out of Capes Podcast.


I upload video recordings of the weekly podcasts at
I also do gameplay streams on Twitch at

Out of Continues was present at Indy Pop Con 2014 and had a live-podcast with Phil Tibitoski from YoungHorses as guest host.


Here’s a flash animation I made, using a clip from the podcast. This was a final project for a 2D animation course I took while in school, using Adobe Flash.