Indie Study: Week 2 – PlayMakeeerrrrrrrrrrr!!!! shakes fist

This week I’m posting an early blog entry since I will be out in Seattle for PAX Prime. So best time to do this is before I leave tomorrow morning.

First off, since my last blog entry I was shown a plug-in called PlayMaker for Unity. This is a visual scripting plug-in, which is great for someone like me who’s not exactly a programmer and wants to put together some gameplay. So I started the project all over from scratch so that I can use PlayMaker rather than using some one else’s ActionScript code that I will somewhat understand but would have no clue how to do on my own.

The problem with PlayMaker right now is that since I’m new to it, I don’t know if I problem that occurs in my game is due to me messing up in Unity or me messing up in PlayMaker. So that resulted to Travis shaking his fist while angerly saying “PLAYMAKEEERRRRRR!!!!” while he’s helping me figure out what’s wrong.

The problem I had was pretty funny. I was able to get a ship moving with the keyboard and shooting with the mouse. I got boundaries so that the ship doesn’t go off the screen. I made an enemy ship, and when it was just sitting there, not moving on the screen, I was able to have it trigger correctly to the bullets and to my ship. If a bullet hit it, it’s destroyed. If my ship hits it, we’re both destroyed. But once I made it a prefab, created a spawn point, and tried getting the ships to spawn in, collision was gone. They would hit the boundary at the left of the screen and start collecting on the left side of the screen. Ended up, I had a rigid body on the enemy and I did’t have the collision box set to trigger.

Another issue I got right now is that the bullets aren’t fully visible at all times, but I’m not going to worry about that too much right now since I can still tell where it’s at when I have PlayMaker labels turned on, and the collision of the bullets work. So that’s all that matters right now, that it works.

Once I get back from PAX next week, I’m going to make sure that my enemies are getting destroyed when they go so far off the left of the screen. I don’t want the game to create so many that it kills the game. Then I want to work on randomizing the spawn. Adding a score is next, alone with having a life system and game over if the player is out of health. The week after that, I will have to wrap things up.

Anyways, I’ll keep this week short and sweet since I need to get ready to leave for the morning.

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