Indie Study: Week 5 – Project 2 begins

I got project 2 started. Time time I’m working on a 2D platformer. The goal is to get a working character that can move around and jump. Have some obstacles that hurt/kill the character. Some “coins” to increase the score. Possibly some enemies. Stretch goals would be to have abilities such as wall jumping, double jumping, and something like a spring for super jumps.

So far I’m working with basic cubes for the assets. I’m not wasting time making this one look good, that can come later. It kinda looks like Thomas Was Alone because of that. I’m still using PlayMaker and I started off making the character move similar to my last project. I had an FSM that would detect for the arrow presses and then I would translate the character left or right. After doing research though, I found a better way and I scrapped that method. I’m now using a character controller and character motor. These are built into Unity and can tie into PlayMaker.

With the Character Controller imported onto the character, I can move the character left and right with the W,A,S,D keys, the arrow keys, and the left analog stick on my 360 controller. I disabled vertical movement so that it doesn’t think it’s a 3d game, and only moves left and right. My challenge now is to figure out how to get the character to jump. I found one tutorial on how to make a 3d character controller in PlayMaker here but the guy doesn’t even explain how to get the character to jump when it comes to the part of the video that he talks about jumping.

My goal over the weekend is to figure out how to jump, and then hopefully by the end of next week, I have something that can move around from platform to platform.

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