A New Beginning

First off, I want to welcome and thank everyone who’s visiting my new site. I feel that it only makes sense for me to make a new blog post since one of the new additions to my site is having a blog.

I decided to rebuild my portfolio for a few reasons. One of my online friends has criticized my old portfolio to looking like a wiki for a 90s space mmo game. I wanted to clean up my portfolio, make it look more presentable, add more personality to it, have my projects all in one unified place, and also have a place to occasionally post my art and write up some blogs.

I’m not much of a writer. I’m also not much of an artist. Although, every once in a while I’ll get the urge to do one of those. I already have posted some of my old blog posts from an old blog, as well as some old art, just to get some content in here. I likely wont write too many blog posts since I have my podcasts and usually share my opinions on those. It will likely end up that my blogs will mostly be updates on my projects.

Speaking of projects, I need to get started on one, ASAP. My last project was a Portal 2 level from Last September. I’ve been really busy searching for jobs, but I keep using that as an excuse to not work on something. Building this website as well as looking over some of my older projects, has helped given me some motivation to get started on something. Not sure what yet, but I think I’ll make it my goal to at least have something started by the end of this week.

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